Miami Executive Aviation - Expansion project involving the construction of am $11 million two-bay BBJ hangar at the Opa-Locka Airport. Avbiz assisted in negotiating a long term land lease and provide financing.

Martinair/Tampa - Avbiz was engaged by both Martinair, a leading Dutch Cargo and Pax carrier, and Tampa Cargo, one of the largest Latin American Cargo Carriers to create a blue print for their strategic alliance. In addition Avbiz performed an in-dept SWOT analysis of the two carriers Cargo and Ground Operations, IT,and Networks, and recommended corrective measures to the executive boards.

Martinair Reference Tampa Reference

Elbit Systems LTD - Avbiz provided Elbit Systems with an analysis and recommendation regarding the development of a third -party maintenance operation in Euro-Asia.

Ultimate Aircraft Composites - Avbiz led a group of investors in the acquisition of Ultimate Aircraft Composites - a leading Composites and Sheet metal repair company, in August 2003.

Blue Aerospace - Avbiz and Blue Aerospace are cooperating in strategic acquisitions of specialized inventories.